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1-Bit Unit-Cell for Transmitarray Applications in Ka-Band

120-GHz-band Wireless Link Antenna Technologies for Polarization Multiplexing

144 GHz Epsilon-Near-Zero Metamaterial Lens

160GHz Harmonic-Rejecting Antenna with CMOS Rectifier for Millimeter-Wave Wireless Power Transmission

165/183 GHz FSS for the MetOp Second Generation Microwave Sounder Instrument

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2 x 2 Stacked Patch Array with Corporate SIW Feeding Network

28 GHz Channel Modeling Using 3D Ray-Tracing in Urban Environments

28 GHz Indoor Channel Measurements and Modelling in Laboratory Environment Using Directional Antennas

28 GHz Propagation Analysis for Passive Repeaters in NLOS Channel Environment

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300-GHz Horn Antennas for Kiosk Download

3D Dielectric Cuboids: An Alternative for High-Resolution Terajets At THz Frequencies

3D Printed 20/30-GHz Dual-Band Offset Stepped-Reflector Antenna

3D PRINTING MULTI-FUNCTIONALITY: Embedded RF Antennas and Components

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4G Cellular Antenna Design for Eyewear Devices

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5.8 GHz Microstrip Antennas and Array for Microwave Power Transfer

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60 GHz On-Chip Antenna Array with Efficiency Improvment Using 3D Microfabrication Technology

60 GHz Slot Antenna Array Based on Ridge Gap Waveguide Technology Enhanced with Dielectric Superstrate

60-GHz CMOS On-Chip AMC Bandpass-Filtering Spiral Monopole Antenna

60-GHz Multi-layer Multi-beam Slotted Waveguide Array Made by Diffusion Bonding Technique

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77-GHz Integrated Antenna with Plano-Convex Lens: Design and Measurement

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802.11p Measurements in Reverberation Chamber

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A 300 GHz Imaging Radar for Standoff Anomaly Detection

A 3D Printed Microstrip Patch Antenna

A 60-GHz Coplanar-Waveguide-Fed Slot-Coupled Rectangular DRA Design Using the Theory of Characteristic Modes

A 60GHz Passive Repeater Array with Endfire Radiation Based on Metal Groove Unit-Cells

A 76.5 GHz Microstrip Comb-Line Antenna Array for Automotive Radar System

A 874 GHz Mixer Block Integrated Spline Horn and Lens Antenna for ISMAR Instrument

A Balanced-fed 45° Linearly Polarized Slot Array Antenna Using SIW Technology

A Bent-Ends Spiral Antenna Above a Fan-Shaped Electromagnetic Band-Gap Structure

A BiCMOS 4x4 Butler Matrix

A Broadband Dual-Polarized Antenna with Γ-Shaped Feeding Structures

A Broadband Efficient Rectenna Array for Wireless Energy Harvesting

A Case-Study to Assess Compliance with Exposure Limit Values for Workers Exposed to Multiple Frequency Electromagnetic Sources

A Circularly Polarized Stacked Patch Antenna Array for Tracking Applications in S-Band

A Combinatorial Algorithm for Base-station Location Optimization for LTE Mixed-Cell MIMO Wireless Systems

A Compact Circularly Polarized Wearable Filtering Antenna for Off-Body Communications

A Compact Four-Port Patch Antenna for MIMO Application

A Compact Hybrid Dielectric Resonator Antenna with a Meandered Slot Ring and Cavity Backing Offering Wideband Operation

A Compact Planar Feed Structure for Ka-Band Satcom-on-the-Move Tracking Antennas

A Comparative Study of Coherent Time Reversal Minimum Variance Beamformers for Breast Cancer Detection

A Comparative Study of Coherent Time Reversal Minimum Variance Beamformers for Breast Cancer Detection

A Comparison of Two Types of Macro Basis Functions Defined on LEGO Electromagnetic Bricks

A Complete Measurement System for Integrated Antennas At Millimeter Wavelengths

A Conical Phased Array for Reliable and Discrete Communications

A Design Strategy of Active Matched Small-Antennas with Non-Foster Elements

A Developed Excitation Law for Beam Forming and Steering Applied to A Novel Electromagnetic Band Gap Antenna

A Directive Antenna Array Applicator for Focused Electromagnetic Hyperthermia Treatment of Breast Cancer

A Dual Band Polygon Shaped CPW-Fed Planar Monopole Antenna with Circular Polaraization and Isolation Enhansment for MIMO Aplications

A Dual Linearly-Polarized Transmitarray Element

A Dual-Band Compact L-Quad Antenna Array for Radio Localization

A Dual-Band Single-Layer Frequency Selective Surface for Wi-Fi Applications

A Dual-Polarized Base-Station Antenna for LTE Communication System

A DVB-S2 Signal Analyzer for the Alphasat TDP5 Communication Experiment

A Fast Algorithm for the Analysis of Electrically Large Arrays of Plasmonic Nanoparticles with Aperiodic Spiral Order

A Feasibility Study on the Extension of the Point Scatterer Formulation to Vegetation Media

A Fin Type Wideband Bent Monopole Antenna Closed to L-shape Grounded Plate

A Flexible Low Cost Fractal-Slot Multiband Antenna for Wireless Applications

A Fluidically-Tunable, Dual-Band Patch Antenna

A Folded Loop Antenna with Four Resonant Modes

A Forward Approach to Establish Parametric Scattering Center Models for Complex Targets

A Four-Vector Formalism for Anisotropic Media

A Fresnel-like Reflector Antenna Design for High-Order Orbital Angular Momentum States

A Full Solution of an Integral Equation Which Represents Terrain Effects on Radio Wave Propagation

A High Efficient Automotive Roof-Antenna Concept for LTE, DAB-L, GNSS and SDARS with Low Mutual Coupling

A High Order Locally Corrected Nystrom Implementation of the Decoupled Potential Integral Equation

A Highly Compact Broadband Near-Edge Antenna for Communication Devices with Conducting Body

A K/Ka/EHF Feed Chain for Dual-Use Telecom

A Lens-Coupled All-Silicon Integrated 2x2 Array of Harmonic Receivers for THz Multi-Color Active Imaging

A Low Profile Compact Reconfigurable MIMO Antenna for Cognitive Radio Applications

A Low Profile Microstrip Patch Antenna for Body-Centric Communications At 2.45GHz Band

A Low-cost Inkjet-printed Microfluidics-based Tunable Loop Antenna Feed by Microfluidics-based Tunable Balun

A Method of Moments Based Indoor Propagation Model

A mm-Wave Integrated Lens Antenna for E-band

A Mode Matching Method for Modeling Low Frequency Wireless Communication for Oil Fields

A Mono, Dual and Triple Band Switchable Metamaterial-based Antenna

A Monte-Carlo Approach to Modeling Radio Propagation by Ray-Tracing

A Multi Layers Polymer Bendable Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) Antenna Array on PDMS Substrate for 5.8 GHz Applications

A Multi-mode Waveguide Tunnel Channel Model for High-Speed Train Wireless Communication Systems

A Multi-objective Approach to Indoor Wireless Heterogeneous Networks Planning

A Multibeam Antenna for Imaging Based on Planar Lenses

A New 2x2 Microstrip Patch Sub-array for 60GHz Wideband Planar Antenna with Ridge Gap Waveguide Distribution Layer

A New Antenna Arrangement Design of Massive MIMO in LOS Environment for Further Capacity Enhancement

A New Approach for Measuring Electromagnetic Side-Channel Energy Available to the Attacker in Modern Processor-Memory Systems

A New Approach to High-Quality Patient-Specific Hyperthermia Treatment

A New High-Gain and Low-Complexity Pattern-Reconfigurable Antenna

A New Measurement Technique and Experimental Validations in Determination SAR of N-Antenna Transmitters Using Scalar E-Field Probes

A New Measurement Technique and Experimental Validations in Determination SAR of N-Antenna Transmitters Using Scalar E-Field Probes

A New Method for Detecting Multipactor in Pulse Mode

A Non-Stationary Mobile-to-Mobile Multipath Fading Channel Model Taking Account of Velocity Variations of the Mobile Stations

A Novel Collision Avoidance MAC Protocol for Multi-Tag UWB Chipless RFID Systems Based on Notch Position Modulation

A Novel Collision Avoidance MAC Protocol for Multi-Tag UWB Chipless RFID Systems Based on Notch Position Modulation

A Novel Collision Avoidance MAC Protocol for Multi-Tag UWB Chipless RFID Systems Based on Notch Position Modulation

A Novel Design of Miniaturized Power Divider and Branch Coupler Using Interdigital Circuit

A Novel Phase Encoding Technique Exploting Linear or Circular Polarization

A Novel Scheme for Stored Energy Evaluation

A Novel Uniplanar Differentially-fed UWB Polarization Diversity Antenna with Dual Notch Bands

A Parasitic Three-Element Superdirective Electrically Small Antenna Array

A Partially Complementary Chiral Metamaterial Based on a Four-Cranks Resonator

A Performance Study of Circular Polarization Selective Structures

A Planar Ku Band Antenna for Satellite Communications

A PLL-based Retro-Directive Antenna System for Communications with Arbitrary Frequency Gaps

A Pragmatic Approach to Uncertainty Analysis in Free Space Material Measurements

A Preliminary Study on a Reduced Size Planar Grid Array for Automotive Radars

A Printed Circularly Polarized Half-Moon Monopole Antenna

A Printed Planar Helix Antenna

A Ray-tracing Method to Analyzing Modulated Planar Fabry-Perot Antennas

A Reconfigurable Beam-Scanning Partially Reflective Surface (PRS) Antenna

A Reconfigurable Patch Antenna with Symmetrical Structure for Polarization Diversity

A Regularised Electric Field Integral Equation for Scattering by Perfectly Conducting Junctions

A Sectorial Fabry – Perot Antenna for Radar Application

A Self-Supported Hat-Fed Reflector Antenna for 60 GHz Frequency Band

A Semi-Analytical Expression for the RCS of a Frustum-Shaped Foam Target Support Structure

A Single Ka-Band Antenna Aperture for TX and RX Operation Applying a Dual-Layer Partially Reflective Surface

A Statistical Characterization of Shadowed Fading in Indoor Off-Body Communications Channels At 5.8 GHz

A Study of Interference Canceller for DDD System on Millimeter-Wave Band Fixed Wireless Access System

A Switchable Frequency Selective Surface Based on a Modified Jerusalem-Cross Unit Cell

A Thermally Stable Dual-Polarized Waveguide Array

A Tilted Subgrid for Two Dimensional FDTD

A Top Loaded THz Photomixer Antenna

A Tri-reflector Compact Antenna Test Range Operating in the THz Range

A Triple-Slot Active Reflectarray Cell Using a Ferroelectric Capacitor

A Tunable Filtenna for Cognitive Radio Applications

A Two-Element Patch Antenna Exploiting Path Inequality for Bandwidth Augmentation

A Unidirectional Wideband Printed Quasi-Yagi Antenna for Microwave Breast Imaging

A Validation Using Measurement Data of a Radio Channel Model with Geographical Information

A Wide-angle Broadband Waveplate Through Field Transformation

A Wide-Band Wide-angle Scanning Phased Array with Pattern Reconfigurable Square Loop Antennas

A Wideband Strip-Helical Antenna with a Parasitic Patch

A Zero Beam-Squinting Leaky-Wave Antenna Using NRI-TL Metamaterials

About Radiation Efficiency Optimizing of A Miniaturized Antennas

Absorption and Scattering Properties of a Receiving Patch Antenna

Accelerating Frequency Selective Surface Simulations: An Equivalent Circuit Method Versus Computational Electromagnetics Software - Limits and Further Developments

Acceleration of the DGF-FDTD Method on GPU Using the CUDA Technology

Active Reconfigurable Luneburg Lens At 60GHz

Active Reflectarray Element with Large Reconfigurability Frequency Range

Additively Manufactured Shape Reconfigurable Loop Antennas

Advanced Fully-Electronic Personnel Security Screening Technology

Advanced Indoor Localisation Based on the Viterbi Algorithm and Semantic Data

Advances in Antenna Pattern-Based MIMO OTA Test Methods

Advances in reconfigurable antennas and space-fed arrays: Contributions by Julien Perruisseau-Carrier

Advances in Reconfigurable Antennas for Wireless Communications

Alamouti Space-time Coding in Car-to-Car Communications - SDR-based Implementation and Measurement

Alamouti Space-time Coding in Car-to-Car Communications - SDR-based Implementation and Measurement

All-dielectric Metasurface for Optical Focusing

AlphaSat Ka-band and Q-band Receiving Station in Rome: Development, Status and Measurements

Alphasat Propagation Experiment in Madrid: Quality Assessment of the Measurements

Alphasat Q/V-band Propagation Campaign Preparation in Aveiro

Altering Antenna Radiation Properties with Transformation Optics

Alternative Duplexing for LTE FDD Using the Theory of Characteristic Modes

Alternative Optics Design for the ALMA Band 1 Receiver (35-52 GHz)

An Air-filled Cavity-backed 2×2 Slot Sub-array Fed by Inverted Microstrip Gap Waveguide

An All-Metal K-Band Reflector Antenna for a Mechanically Steerable Data Downlink System

An Analysis of Elliptical-Rectangular Patch Structure on Multilayer Non-Confocal Elliptic Cylinders

An Antenna-free Device for Continuous-Wave THz Emission: Vertical Large Area Emitter

An Electrically Small Three-Band Multi-polarization Cross Spiral Antenna

An Electronically Controlled 8-Element Switched Beam Planar Array

An Experimental Reconfigurable OTA Chamber

An Explicit FDTD Scheme for Simulation of Electromagnetic Propagation in Magnetized Cold Plasmas

An Extension of the Time-Domain Friis Equation

An Improved Method for Simultaneous Calibrations of Gain, Phase Center and Near Boresight Patterns for Log-Periodic Dipole Arrays

An Improved Simulation Method of Multipactor in High Power Antennas

An Initial Path-Loss Model Within Vegetation in the THz Band

An Innovative Strategy for the Fast Design of Maximally-Sparse Arrays with Sum and Difference Phase-Only Reconfigurable Fields

An Inverted-F Antenna Integrated with Solar Cells for Energy Harvesting

An Investigation of Offset-Fed Beams on the Proposed SKA Dishes with Various Degrees of Shaping

An Iterative Solution Approach of the Magnetic Field Integral Equation for Scattering Computations

An NG-Based Algorithm for a Combined-Field Integral Formulation

An Optically Controlled Phase Shifter for Antenna Array Beam Steering

An Optimal Beamforming Algorithm for Phased-Array Antennas Used in Multi-Beam Spaceborne Radiometers

An Overview of Experimental and Numerical Results on the Performance of Plasma Antennas Arrays

An Overview of Stored Electromagnetic Energy

An Ultra-thin Dual-Band Polarization-Independent Metamaterial Absorber for EMI/EMC Applications

Analysis and Optical Characterisation of Bolometric Integrating Cavities Including a Free Space Gap in the Waveguide Structure

Analysis and Optimization of a Curved Transmit-Receive Contoured Beam Reflectarray

Analysis of Anisotropic Metamaterial Inclusions and Substrates

Analysis of Canonical Curved Metasurfaces

Analysis of Cylindrically Conformal Antennas Using Closed-Form Green's Function Representations

Analysis of Dependence of Signal Propagation Loss on Poses in Intra-Body Communication

Analysis of Electric Field Spatial Variability in Simulations of Electromagnetic Waves Exposure to Mobile Telephony Base Stations

Analysis of Electrical Dipole Linear Array Maximum Directivity

Analysis of Electrically Large Antennas Using Fast Physical Optics

Analysis of Electrically Large Antennas Using Fast Physical Optics

Analysis of Large Planar 60 GHz Array Including Microstrip-Ridge Gap Waveguide Distribution Network Using Modular Approach

Analysis of Massive MIMO with Hardware Impairments and Different Channel Models

Analysis of Metal Insulator Metal Plasmonic Transmission Lines for Improved Rectenna's Coupling Efficiency

Analysis of Mutual Coupling in Large Arrays of Printed Antennas Using Contour-FFT

Analysis of Radio Propagation At Intersection Considering Car Antenna Positions for Inter-vehicle Communications

Analysis of Spacecraft Antenna Farm Interaction with Equivalent Current Technique

Analysis of the Propagation Attenuation From Large Buildings in Broadcasting Services

Analysis of Total Installation Cost Versus Downlink Whole-Body SAR in Indoor Wireless Networks

Analysis of Wind Turbines Radar Cross Section for Analyzing the Potential Impact on Weather Radars

Analytical Model, Measurements, and Effect of Outer Lossless Shell of Phantoms for On-body Propagation Channel Around the Body for Body Area Networks

Analytical Treatment of Microstrip Monopole Antenna with Finite Ground Plane

Angle of Arrival Estimation for Moving User Equipment with Application to Indoor Terahertz Communications Using Grid Based Bayesian Filter

Angular Characteristics of the UWB On-to-Off-Body Channel in Indoor Scenarios

Angular Dispersion Characterization of Vehicle-to-Vehicle Channel in Cross-Road Scenarios

Antenna Arrays for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Antenna Design for Unified Far-Field Communication and Near-Field Recharging

Antenna Design Via Current Control of Antenna Currents Using Theory of Characteristic Modes

Antenna Designs of Smart Watch for Cellular Communications by Using Metal Belt

Antenna Development for MetOp Second Generation Wind Scatterometer

Antenna Q for Small Antennas with Radiation Constraints and Perturbations

Antenna Q-factor Calculation Using the MoM Impedance Matrix

Antenna Radiation Characterization for On-Body Communication Channel Using Creeping Wave Theory

Antenna Research, Development and Measurement Facilities in Brazil: a Perspective From the Laboratory of Integration and Testing of the Brazilian Institute for Space Research

Antenna System for Temperature Sensing

Antenna with Patterns and Polarizations Dual Controlling Freedom

Antenna-Filter-Antenna Based Frequency Selective Surfaces for Quasi-Optical Applications in Q-Band

Antennas for Mobile Communication Devices: What's Next?

Antennas in Reception

Application of Analytical Propagation Models on Point-To-Point and Point-To-Area RF Signal Prediction

Application of the Hybrid Projective Methods for Determining Effective Permittivity of Artificial 1D- And 2D-Periodic Dielectric Layers

Application of Transformation Electromagnetics Concept to Delocalize Emissions

Array Antennas in Magnetic Nuclear Fusion and Their Modelling At the Ion Cyclotron Resonance Frequency

Array Tracing: a Graphical-Deterministic Procedure for the Synthesis of Linear Sparse Arrays

Aspects of Generalized Electromagnetic Energy Exchange in Antenna Systems: A New Approach to Mutual Coupling

Assessing and Removing the Impact of Non-Reciprocal Transceiver Circuitry for Channel-Based Key Establishment

Assessment of Rain Fade Mitigation Techniques for High Throughput Satellites by a Time Series Synthesizer

Assessment of the Shadowing Effect Between Windturbines

Asymmetric Band Structures with Nonreciprocal Materials and Chiral Media

Axially Slotted Antenna on Elliptic Cylinder Coated with Biaxial Anisotropic Material

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Beamforming in Sparse, Random, 3D Array Antennas with Fluctuating Element Locations

Beamforming Using Conventional and Particle Filter Based Algorithms for Radar Target DOA Estimation

Behavior of Time-Domain Volumic Methods in Presence of High-Contrast Media Interfaces

Benefits of Variation of Large Scale Fading Across Large Antenna Arrays

Blind Source Separation Based Phase Estimator for Carrier Synchronization of High-Order QAM Signals

Body Loss Study of Beamforming Mode in LTE MIMO Mobile Terminals

Bridging the Gap: Bringing Measurements and Computational Results Together

Broadband Biquad UHF Antenna Array for DOA

Broadband Circular-polarization Through Optically Active V-shape Chiral Metamaterial

Broadband Circularly Polarized Aperture-Coupled Microstrip Antenna in HDI Technology for WiGig Applications

Broadband Fabry-Perot Type Sub–Wavelength Profile Antenna

Broadband Focusing Using Aperture-Coupled Microstrip Patch Antenna Arrays

Broadband Radio Communications in Subway Stations and Tunnels

Broadband Subwavelength Imaging with a Wire Medium Slab Loaded with Graphene Sheets

Ctop 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Z

C-band Parallel Coupled Bandpass Filter with Harmonic Suppression Using Open Stub and CSRRs

Calibration with Single Measurement in Microwave Imaging System for Breast Cancer Detection

Channel Characterization for Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Channel Measurements of Device-to-Device Communications At 2.45 GHz

Characteristic Basis Function Patterns Method for Reflector Antenna Calibration: An Extension to Multiple Frequencies

Characteristic Mode Based Antenna Design – a Straight Forward Approach to Small Form Factor Antenna Integration

Characteristic Mode Based Pattern Reconfigurable Antenna for Mobile Handset

Characteristic Mode Coupling in Dipoles and Dipole Arrays

Characteristic Mode Investigation of a Reactively Loaded Electrically Small Dipole Antenna

Characteristic Wave Diversity in Near Vertical Incidence Skywave Propagation

Characterization of Chip-Size Electrically-Small Antennas for Smart Wireless Biomedical Devices

Characterization of Printed Transmission Lines At High Frequencies

Characterization of Tropospheric Propagation in Polar Areas for the Design of Earth Observation Satellites Ka Band Data Downlink

Characterizing the Near Field Strength of ISS-RapidScat Reflector Antenna From Measurement Data Using Spectral Back Projection Method

Chiral Metamaterials for Optical Pulling Forces

Circular-Polarization Reconfigurable Monopole Antenna with Enhanced Boresight Gain for GNSS Applications

Circularly Polarized Shorted Ring Slot Rectenna with a Mesh Design for Optimized Inkjet Printing on Paper Substrate

Circularly Polarized Ultra-Thin Antennas for Space: Examples of Realizations

Circumferential Array of Cylindrical Hybrid Antennas

Clear-Air Scintillation and Multipath for Low-Elevation High-Latitude Satellite Communication Links

Clinical Introduction of Novel Microwave Hyperthermia Technology: The HYPERcollar3D Applicator for Head and Neck Hyperthermia

Clinical Microwave Tomography with a Lossy Coupling Bath – Insights Into Challenging Reconstruction Cases

Cloaking a Bump Inside a Single Isotropic Lossless Dielectric

Closed-Loop Real-Time PNF Position Compensation with a Tracking Laser

Closing remarks

Cluster Lifetime Characterization for Vehicular Communication Channels

Cluster Spreads for Time-Variant Vehicular Channels

Coherent Fourier Optics Representation of Focal Plane Fields

Collimating Leaky-Wave Radiation with Metasurfaces

Collimating Leaky-Wave Radiation with Metasurfaces

Combination of Free Space Optics (FSO) and RF for Different Wireless Application Scenarios

Combination of Full Wave Methods and Ray Tracing for Radiation Pattern Simulations of Antennas on Vehicle Roofs

Combined LTE and IEEE 802.11p Antenna for Vehicular Applications

Combined NF Antenna Simulation/Measurement for Fast Testing

Combining Mode Rotation with CLEAN: Extract Scatterer Information

Combining the Fast Irregular Antenna Field Transformation Algorithm with Asymptotic High Frequency Methods

Comments on the Phase Center Computation for Ka-band Planar Lens-Antenna Feeders

Compact 28 GHz Antenna Array with Full Polarization Flexibility Under Yaw, Pitch, Roll Motions

Compact Asymmetric Coplanar Strip-Fed MIMO Antenna for UWB Applications

Compact Beam Forming Network of a Switched Phased Array

Compact Dual-Band Dual-Polarized Antenna Array for Robust Satellite Navigation Receivers

Compact Dual-mode Antenna for Body-centric Wireless Communications

Compact Frequency Reconfigurable Slot Antenna with Continuous Tuning Range for Cognitive Radios

Compact Internal Antenna (FICA) for Mobile Handset and WLAN

Compact Quarter-Wave Plate Metasurface At 1 and 2.2 THz

Compact Satellite Navigation Antenna Array Using Off-the-Shelf Ceramic Patch Antennas

Compact Terahertz Instruments for Planetary Missions

Compact Terahertz Instruments for Planetary Missions

Compact UWB Antenna Array for Microwave Imaging

Comparison Between Pneumatically-Controlled and PIN-Diode-Based Aperture-Coupled Patch Antennas

Comparison of 3D and 2D Method to Study the Propagation in a U-shaped Valley

Comparison of a Cavity Antenna with Stacked Patches and a Metasurface-Inspired Design

Comparison of a Fast Probabilistic Propagation Model Against an Analytical Computational-EM Model and Measurements for the Evaluation of Passive RFID Systems

Comparison of Channel Emulation Techniques in Multiprobe Anechoic Chamber Setups

Comparison of Different Antenna Diagnostics Techniques with Limited Far Field Data Input

Comparison of Different Reconstruction Algorithms for Image Reconstruction in Metamaterial Aperture Based Imaging System

Comparison of Exact and Approximate FSO Rain Attenuation Formulas Based on Actual DSD

Comparison of Heuristic UTD Coefficients in an Outdoor Scenario

Comparison of Metrics for Clutter Data Comparison

Comparison of Phased Array Configurations of Spiral Antennas

Complex Modes of a Tunable Graphene-Based Fabry-Perot Cavity THz Antenna

Composite Cavity-Backed Crossed Dipole Coupled to a Magneto-Electric Dipole

Composite Defect-Mode Superstructures and Wideband EBG Resonator Antennas

Comprehensive Study on Coupled Meandered Microstrip Line RF Coil Elements for 7-Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Compressive Sensing - Basics, State-of-the-Art, and Advances in Electromagnetic Engineering

Compressive Sensing Technique for Multi-Frequency Sparse Linear Array Design

Computational Electromagnetic Modeling is Key in Objective Control of Hyperthermia

Configurable Robotic Millimeter-Wave Antenna Facility

Considerations on SAR and Efficiency for W-BAN Antennas

Control of the Pass and Stop Bands Ratio of Complementary Frequency Selective Surfaces

Coverage and Outage Capacity Evaluation in 5G Millimeter Wave Cellular Systems: Impact of Rain Attenuation

CPW-fed Dual Band Monopole Antenna Based on Conductive Polymers

Criterion for the Optimal Choice of the Treatment Conditions in Magnetic Nanoparticle Hyperthermia: Assesment in 3D Realistic Numerical Head Model

Cross-Layer Modeling for Video Quality Loss on WLANs

Cylindrically-bent Rectangular Patch Antennas: Novel Modeling Techniques for Resonance Frequency Variation and Uncertainty

Cylindrically-bent Rectangular Patch Antennas: Novel Modeling Techniques for Resonance Frequency Variation and Uncertainty

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Data-driven Matched Field Processing for Radar-based Microwave Breast Cancer Detection

Data-driven Matched Field Processing for Radar-based Microwave Breast Cancer Detection

Deflection Angle Tuning in Thin Structures with Diffraction Inspired Unidirectionality

Dense Multipath Components Add-on for COST 2100 Channel Model

Density-Tapered Planar Arrays for Multibeam and Shaped Beam Coverage in Satellite Communications

Deployment Considerations for 60 GHz Backhaul Using Smart Street Furniture

Design and Analysis of a Wearable Antenna System for Wireless Safety Applications

Design and Characterization of Effective Antennas for K-band Rectennas

Design and Characterization of Multi-Layer Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW) Slot Coupler

Design and Characterization of on-Head Antenna Systems for Neural Motor Prosthesis

Design and Measurement of Integrated Antenna with a Plastic Lens for 60 GHz Wi-Gig Applications

Design and Modeling of a Microwave Imaging System for Breast Cancer Detection

Design and Performance Evaluation of a Switched-Beam Antenna Array for 60 GHz WPAN Applications

Design Aspects of Finite Periodic Transmission Lines Based on Planar Structures

Design Methods for Efficient Multiband Antennas with Parasitic Elements

Design of a Flexible Dielectric Reflectarray Antenna for THz Applications

Design of a Push-Broom Multi-Beam Radiometer for Future Ocean Observations

Design of an Efficient 900 GHz Antenna in Standard CMOS Technology for Imaging Arrays

Design of High Directivity Compact Parasitic Array for Beam-Steering Applications

Design of Metamaterial Based Wide Angle Impedance Matching Layers for Active Phased Arrays

Design of Millimeter-Wave Wideband Gap Waveguide Transitions Considering Integration Into the Antenna System

Design of MIMO System with Large Transmit Array Antenna Using Two-Stage Block Diagonalization

Design of Modulated Metasurface Antennas Based on Elliptical Patches

Design of Wideband, Wide-Scan Planar Arrays by Combining Connected Arrays and Artificial Dielectrics

Design Principles for Coupled Complementary Metasurfaces

Designs of Plate-laminated Waveguide Slot Array Antennas for 60GHz and Above

Detailed Pattern Computations of the UHF Antennas on the Spacecraft of the ExoMars Mission

Detection of Brain Tumor and Localization of a Deep Brain RF-source Using Microwave Imaging

Detuning Effect Study of High-Q Mobile Phone Antennas

Development of High Frequency Band Over 6 GHz for 5G Mobile Communication Systems

Development of Odd Orientation Array Antenna (OOAA) by Using Leucaena Leucocephala Substrate

Development of Reconfigurable Multiple Wideband Antenna for Radar and Monitoring Applications

Development of Superconducting Front-End T/R Module for Active Phased Array Antenna

Device-to-Device Extension to Geometry-Based Stochastic Channel Models

Dielectric Wedge Antenna for Pavement Void Detection by Scattering

Differences in EM Performance Between Multi-Panel Faceted and Spherical Radomes

Differential Spatial Modulation in V2X

Differential Time-Reversal Tracking Using Independent Component Analysis

Diffraction of a Plane Wave by a Rectangular Hole in a Thick Conducting Screen

Diffraction-induced Early-Time Diffusion of Pulses Propagating Through Scattering Random Media

Digital Confocal Imaging of Breast Cancer Using UWB-CMOS Integrated Circuits

DoA Estimation Technique of Back-Scattering Signal From RFID for Gesture Recognition

Domain Decomposition Method for Integral Equations Using Non-Conformal Meshing

Doppler Analysis of an Indoor University-Hall

Dosimetry Study of Anatomical Pregnant Woman & Fetus Models Inside Three Different Elevator Cabins

Double Ring Antenna Design for MIMO Application in Mobile Terminals

DTU-ESA Millimeter-Wave Validation Standard Antenna (mm-VAST) – Detailed Design

DTU-ESA Millimeter-Wave Validation Standard Antenna (mm-VAST) – Detailed Design

Dual Band Isoflux Ultraflat Meta Antennas

Dual-band (Tx/Rx) Multiple-Beam Reflector Antenna Using a Frequency Selective Sub-Reflector for Ka-band Applications

Dual-Band Dual-Polarized Microstrip Antenna for Rx/Tx Terminals for High Altitude Platforms

Dual-polarized Low Loss Reflectarray Cells with MEMS-based Dynamic Phase Control

Dual-polarized One-Dimensional Leaky Wave Antenna

Dual-Polarized Patch Antenna for Virtual Antenna Array Based Radio Channel Measurements At 10 GHz

Dual-Polarized Square-Shaped Offset-Fed Reflectarray Antenna with High Gain and High Bandwidth in the 60 GHz Domain

Dual-polarized Turning Torso Antenna Array for Massive MIMO Systems

Dually Polarized Tunable Printed Antennas for Medical Applications

Dynamic reconfiguration of plasmonic reflectarrays using graphene: a review of the research led by Prof. Perruisseau-Carrier

Etop 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Z

E x Vivo Tissue Shrinking in Microwave Thermal Ablation

E-band Propagation Channel Measurements in an Urban Street Canyon

Earth-Space Propagation Data Processing for Ka-band Frequencies and Above

Effect of External Perturbation on Constellation Points in Beam-Space MIMO

Effect of Ink Usage Conservation Techniques on the Read Range of Inkjet Printed Epidermal RFID Tags

Effect of the UAV Orientation in Antenna Pattern Measurements

Effects of Pulsed RF Disturbances on Aeronautical Communication Systems

Efficient Analysis of Gap Waveguide Structures Using Mode Matching Approach

Efficient Analysis of Reflectarrays Through the Use of Characteristic Modes

Efficient Characterization of a CPW Series Capacitor in Ku Band

Efficient Domain Decomposition Method for Electromagnetic Modeling of Scattering From Forest Environments

Efficient Full-Wave Computation of Radar Cross Section for Multiple Source Locations

Efficient Numerical Analysis of 3D Periodic Metamaterials: Multilayer Approach and Eigenmode Analysis

Efficient Probe Excitation of Dielectric Image Line Using Substrate Integrated Waveguide Based Matching Network

Efficient Radome Optimization Through the System-by-Design Methodology

Efficient Simulation of Coupled Ground Antennas

Electrical Balance Duplexer Adaptation in Indoor Mobile Scenarios

Electrically Small Modified Planar Inverted-F Antenna

Electromagnetic Characterization of Inhomogeneous Media Using the State Space Method

Electromagnetic Scattering From a Buried Cylinder Using T-Matrix and Signal-Flow-Graph Approach

Electromagnetic Scattering From Impedance-Matched Bodies

Electromagnetic Wave Propagation Modeling in a Complex Environment Using Uniform Geometrical Theory of Diffraction

Eliminating the DC Instability of the Time Domain Electric Field Integral Equation

Empirical and Full-Wave Techniques for the Analysis of Cylindrical Microstrip Antennas and Arrays

Emulating Spherical Wave Channel Models in Multi-probe OTA Setups

Engineering Indoor Wireless Communication Systems with High Capacity

Enhanced Graph-theoretic Channel Model for Performance Evaluation of MIMO Antennas and Millimeter Wave Communications

Enhancement of Antenna Gain and a Bandwidth Using Frequency Selective Reflectors

Entanglement of Two-Level Atoms Above Graphene

Equivalent Circuit of a Quadraxial Feed for Ultra-Wide Bandwidth Quadruple-Ridged Flared Horn Antennas

Estimate of Tropospheric Scintillation Along a Leo-Leo Link Through High Resolution Radiosonde Data

Evaluation and Proposal on Modified Model for 3GPP Based Indoor Penetration Loss Model

Evaluation of Inter-Annual Variability of Rainfall Rate and Rain Attenuation Based on the ITU Rec P.678

Evaluation of Near-Singularity Cancellation Quadrature Schemes for the Green Function Gradient on Higher-Order Triangles

Evaluation of the 3D Time Reversal Method for Hyperthermia Treatment Planning in Head and Neck Tumors

Evaluation of the Phase Discretization Effect in Transmitarrays Formed by Sub-Wavelength Patches

Evidence of Cyclic Behaviour in Historical Rainfall Statistics in Milan

Evolution of Pin-Flange Adapters for High Frequency Measurements

Evolution of Pin-Flange Adapters for High Frequency Measurements

Exact Solution for Anysotropic, Periodically Modulated Boundary Conditions Excited by a Surface Wave

Excitation of a Grounded Lossy Dielectric Slab by an External Complex Source Point Beam

Experimental Campaign with First Results for Determining High North 20 GHz Satellite Links Propagation Conditions

Experimental Results of a Planar Array Composed by an Active Dipole Above a Ground Plane with Parasitic Elements

Experimental S-parameters Statistics Under Uncertain Loads Constraints

Experimental Study on Sensors in a Car Engine Compartment Driven by Microwave Power Transfer

Experimental Testing on a Near-Field to Far-Field Tranformation with Planar Spiral Scanning for Quasi-Planar Antennas

Experimental Validation of an Agile Electromagnetic Band Gap Matrix Antenna

Exploiting Electromagnetic Fields to Enhance the Delivery of Therapeutics to Tumors

Exposure Assessment of Stray Electromagnetic Fields Generated by a Wireless Power Transfer System

Extended Low-Profile Planar Lens Antenna with Multilayer Metallic-Hole Array

Extending the Plane Wave Based Fast Irregular Antenna Field Transformation Algorithm for Amplitude-Only Data

Extremely Low-Profile Planar Antenna Array for Satellite Communications in the Ku-Band

Ftop 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Z

Factors Limiting the Upper Frequency of mm-Wave Spherical Near-field Test Systems

Fade Dynamics Variability in a Long-Term Slant-Path Ka-Band Experiment

Fading and Scattering Due to Trees in L to Ka Band Propagation Simulations

Fading Characteristics of Dynamic Person-to-Vehicle Channels At 5.8 GHz

Far-Field Antenna Calculation Based on Randomly Distributed Near-Field Measurement Data

Fast and Accurate Analysis of Reflector Antennas with Struts and Satellite Platform Scattering

Fast Detection of Faulty Elements in EM-Simulated Antenna Array Models From Amplitude-Only Data

Fast Prediction of Aperture Efficiency and Sidelobe Levels in Shaped Reflector Systems Through Model Based Output Space Mapping

Fast Simulation-Driven Design of a Planar UWB Dipole Antenna with an Integrated Balun

Faster Resolution of the 3-D Forward Problems in Microwave Imaging by a Partial-Block BiCGStab Algorithm

Faster Resolution of the 3-D Forward Problems in Microwave Imaging by a Partial-Block BiCGStab Algorithm

FDTD-Compatible Green's Function Based on Scalar Discrete Green's Function and Multidimensional Z-Transform

Feature Extraction for BCIs Based on Electromagnetic Source Localization and Common Spatial Patterns

Feedback of the Channel Information for Transmit Beamforming in WLAN

Field Computations Through the ACA Algorithm

Field Trial on Adaptive Modulation of Microwave Communication Link At 6.8GHz

Field-Circuit Co-Simulation of the Marx Generator

Filtering Functions in a Versatile Intricate Antenna

First Results of Innovative Mobile Near-Field Antenna Measurement System for Extreme Large DUTs

First Trials Towards Contrast Enhanced Microwave Breast Cancer Detection by Magnetic Modulated Nanoparticles

Flattened Generalized Maxwell Fish-eye Lens Limiting Sub-unity Refractive Index Regions

Focal Plane and Synthetic Aperture Array Alternatives in a 340 GHz Imaging Radar

Focal Plane Array Size Reduction for Terahertz Transceivers in Integrated Technology

Focusing and Steering for Medical Applications with Magnetic Near-Field Arrays and Metasurfaces

Folded Reflectarray with Dually Polarized Cells

Forward/backward Coupled Ring Based Phasers for Real-Time Signal Processing

Frequency Diverse Array with Range-Dependent Transmit Beampattern

Frequency Independent Patterns From Double Shell Lenses Fed by Leaky Wave Feeders

Frequency Selective Smart Shield Design for Wireless Signals

Frequency Selective Surfaces Formed by Partially Metalizing 3D Printed Shapes

Frequency Tunable and Circular Polarization Switchable Antenna Using Dual Polarized Active Artificial Ground Structure

Frequency Tunable Wideband Axial-Mode Helix Antennas Using NiTi Shape Memory Alloys

FSS Designs Using a Population-Based Hybrid Algorithm Inspired on the Echolocation of Bats

Full-Wave Modeling of Stochastic Trees for Radar Cross Section Calculation

Fully Numerical Evaluation of 4-D Reaction Integrals in the Method of Moments

Functional Safety and EMC: Monte Carlo Study of the Impact of Function Redundancy on a System Immunity

Fundamental Challenges for Wideband Antenna Elements in Focal-Plane Arrays

Further Investigations Into Signal Level Enhancements Over Two Over-Sea Radio Paths

Gtop 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Z

Gain Enhanced H-plane Gap SIW Horn Antenna with Phase Correction

Gain Enhancement of Low Profile On-Chip Dipole Antenna Via Artificial Magnetic Conductor At 94 GHz

Generation of a Cosecant-Squared Radiation Pattern with a Superstrate-Like Leaky-Wave Antenna

Generation of OAM Radio Waves with Three Polarizations Using Circular Horn Antenna Array

Geometric Modeling of Shadowing Rate for Off-body Propagation During Human Walking

Geometrical Synthesis of Offset Reflector Antennas Using Local Axis-Displaced Quadric Surfaces

Geometry-Based Path Interpolation for Rapid Ray-Optical Modeling of Vehicular Channels

GPR Early-Time Signal Features for the Evaluation of Shallow-Soil Permittivity

GPU Accelerated Confocal Microwave Imaging Algorithms for Breast Cancer Detection

GPU Acceleration of an Iterative Physical Optics Algorithm for the Analysis of Electrically Large Scatterers

GPU Advancements Reduce Simulation Times for 25 GHz Automotive Radar Models

Graphene Magnetoplasmonic Principles, Structures and Devices

Ground Penetrating Radar Based on Ultrawideband Time-Reversal Method

Ground Permittivity Estimation Using Radar to Ground Coupling

Htop 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Z

Half-massive Ceramics for Antenna Downsizing: Improvement of a Smart Magneto-Dielectric Material with Matching Permeability and Permittivity, and with Enhanced Low-Loss Frequency Range

Harvesting Thermal Infrared Emission Using Nanodipole Terminated by Traveling Wave Rectifier

Head-centric Body-channel Propagation Paths Characterization

Heating Properties of the Resonant Cavity Applicator with Ultrasound Monitoring System for Effective Hyperthermia Treatments

Hierarchical Bases Preconditioners for a Conformingly Discretized Combined Field Integral Equation Operator

High Coupling Radiating Element Using Impedance Transform Stub for Microstrip Comb-Line Antennas in the Millimeter-Wave Band

High Gain Flat Sinusoidal Bull's Eye Leaky Millimetre-Wave Antenna

High Gain Millimeter-Wave Lens Antennas with Improved Aperture Efficiency

High Performance Chipless RFID Reader Based on IR-UWB Technology

High Performance UWB Array Antenna for Brain Tumor Detection Via Scattering Parameters in Microwave Imaging Simulation System

High Profile Rectangular Dielectric Resonator Antenna Sequentially-fed for Improved Quality Dual Circular Polarization

High Resolution DOA Estimation for the Air, Marine, and Land Platforms

High Resolution ESM/ELINT DOA Estimation with Super-Heterodyne Multi-Octave Antenna System

High-Efficiency On-Chip Antenna Array for Terahertz Power Source

High-Power and Compact S-Band RF-MEMS Phase Shifters

Holographic Principles in Antenna Metrology At Millimeter and Submillimeter Wavelengths

Human Effect on Twin Antenna On-body for Three Diversity Techniques At 2.4 GHz

Humidity Passive Sensors Based on UHF RFID Using Cork Dielectric Slabs

Hybrid Scattering-Admittance Operators for the Analysis of Finite Antenna Arrays

Hybridization Strategy for Microstrip Antenna Optimization

Itop 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Z

IETR Millimetre Wave Compact Antenna Test Range: Implementation and Validation

Image Classification for a Time-Domain Microwave Radar System: Experiments with Stable Modular Breast Phantoms

Imaging of Intracranial Tissues with Radio Waves

Imaging-based Classification Algorithms on Clinical Trial Data with Injected Tumour Responses

Impact of Neutralization on Isolation in Co-Planar and Back-to-Back Antennas

Impact of Neutralization on Isolation in Co-Planar and Back-to-Back Antennas

Impact of Radio Wave Polarisation on Off-Body Communications in Indoor Environments

Impact of the Spatial User Distribution on the Coverage Antenna Pattern of Maximum Ratio Combining in Random Line-Of-Sight

Impact of the Target Supporting Mast in an Indoor RCS Measurement Facility: Computation and Measurement

Impact of Wireless NLOS Backhaul Design on Small-Cells Deployment and End-user Experience

Impedance Characterization of UHF RFID IC and Tag Performance

Implementation and Wireless Readout of Passive UHF RFID Strain Sensor Tags Based on Electro-Textile Antennas

Implementation of Optically Transformed Devices with a Bed of Nails

Implementation of UC-EBG Structure for 60 GHz Gridded Parasitic Patch Stacked Microstrip Antenna

Improved Target Detection Resolution by Compressed Sensing on Narrow-Band Radar

Improvement of Resonant Cavity Applicator for Thermotherapy of Osteoarthritis

Improvement on Radiation Characteristics of Bow-Tie Antenna for EMI Measurement

Improvements in the MoM Analysis of 3-D Planar Multilayered Periodic Structures Used in the Design of Wideband Reflectarray Antennas

Impulse Based Radio Technology for Mm-Waves

In the memory of Julien Perruisseau-Carrier: His contributions to reconfigurable reflectarrays and COST Actions on Antennas

Incoherent Scattering of Normal Modes in Urban Canyon: Theory and Measurements

Indoor Collaborative Localization Method Based on Ultra-Wideband Ranging

Indoor RCS Measurement Facility ARCHE 3D: RCS Multi-Calibration Under Spherical Wave

Indoor-to-Outdoor Channel Characterization for Modeling and Prediction of Interference in Next Generation Wireless Networks

Infinite Lifetime States with Quantized Energy in a Core-shell Plasmonic Nanoparticle

Influence of Antenna Alignment and Line-of-sight Obstruction on the Accuracy of Range Estimates Between a Pair of Miniature UWB Antennas

Influence of Complementary Split Ring Resonator Dimensions in Ultra Wideband Microstrip Patch Antenna

Influence of Phantom Models on Implantable Antenna Performance for Biomedical Applications

Influence of the Lightning Protection of Blades on the Field Scattered by a Windturbine

Initial Results From a Measurement Campaign for Low Elevation Angle Links in Different Environments

Initial Study for Detection of Multiple Lymph Nodes in the Axillary Region Using Microwave Imaging

Inkjet Printing for the Fabrication of CPW Antennas and Frequency Selective Surfaces

Insightful Circuit Modeling of FSS with Arbitrary Scatterers

Integral-Equation Study of Ray Effects and Natural-Mode Resonances in a 2-D Dielectric Prism

Integrated Antenna Currents on a Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Cell

Integrated Filtering-Antenna with Controllable Frequency Bandwidth

Integrated On-Chip Antennas for THz Spectrometer for Electron Bunch Compression Monitor Applications

Integrated Suspended Stripline Structure (SSS) with J-shape Defected Stripline Structure (DSS) to Remove Undesired Signals in Wideband Applications

Interleaved Dual-band Circularly Polarized Active Array Antenna for Satellite Communications

Intersymbol Interference Analysis of a 60 GHz-Band Compact Range Wireless Access System

Intersymbol Interference Analysis of a 60 GHz-Band Compact Range Wireless Access System

Introduction of Wireless Power Transfer Technology for Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Investigation and Comparison Between Radiation Center and Phase Center for Canonical Antennas

Investigation of Candidate Antennas for Body Area Networks: Characterization in the Proximity of Human Tissues

Investigation of Different Matrix Solver for Spherical Near-Field to Far-Field Transformation

Investigation of Electromagnetic Wave Propagation Through One-Dimensional Plasma Array

Investigation of Integrated Filter-Antenna Based on Cascaded and Multilayer Approach

Investigation of Mode Stirring with Plates on Platform in a Reverberation Chamber

Investigation of Ray-Tracing Accuracy in Street Cell Environment for High-SHF and EHF Bands

Investigation of Spherical Higher Order Modes Sources in Antenna Measurement Probe Design

Investigation of Textile Striplines Connectivity for Feeding and Connecting Wearable Antennas

Investigation of the Use of Absorbing Materials for Indoor Co-Channel Applications

Investigation on Planar Near-to-Far-Field Transformations for EMC Applications

Investigation on the Geometric Properties of Multipath Components in Indoor Radio Channels

Investigations on Probe Phase Center Impact in Antenna Measurement Results Uncertainty for Spherical Near Field Systems

Irregular Quad-Mode Antenna Array: Field-of-View Comparison with the Swedish LOFAR Station

Isolation Improvement Using CMRC for MIMO Antennas

Isosceles Right Triangular Waveguides with Boundary Conditions of Composite Electric and Magnetic Walls

Iterative Design Approach for Multi-Band Single-Layer Reflectarrays

Iterative Design Approach for Multi-Band Single-Layer Reflectarrays

Jtop 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Z

Joint Effects of Clouds and Rain on Ka-Band Earth Observation Data Downlink Systems

Joint Effects of Clouds and Rain on Ka-Band Earth Observation Data Downlink Systems

Joint Ray Launching Method for Indoor to Outdoor Propagation Prediction Based on Ray Aggregation

Joint Ray Launching Method for Outdoor to Indoor Propagation Prediction Based on Interpolation

Ktop 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Z

Knitted Textile Waveguide Bending

Ltop 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Z

Land Mobile Satellite Propagation Characteristics From Knife-Edge Diffraction Modeling and Hemispheric Images

Large Scale Characteristics of Urban Cellular Wideband Channels At 11 GHz

Large-Scale Fading Characterization in Curved Modern Subway Tunnels

Lens-based Ka-band Antenna System Using Planar Feed

Line of Sight MIMO-UWB Short Range Communication in Underground Mine Tunnel

Linear and Nonlinear Microwave Characterization of CVD-Grown Graphene Using CPW Structure

Localization of Multiple Unknown RF Sources by Combining a Power Monitoring Network and a Guided Moving Sensor Under Constraints

Localization System Using Resonant Magnetic Coupling Factor for Improving Efficiency in Wireless Power Transfer

Low Cost Switchable RHCP/LHCP Antenna for SOTM Applications in Ka-band

Low Profile Array With Integrated High Impedance Surfaces For High Performance Adaptive GNSS

Low Profile Array With Integrated High Impedance Surfaces For High Performance Adaptive GNSS

Low-Cost System Design for Tracking Satellites in Geosynchronous Orbit

Low-Profile Compact-Size Electronically Beam-Switching Antenna for Wireless Communications

Low-Profile Dual-band Circularly Polarized Microstrip Antenna for GNSS Applications

Low-Profile High-Gain Tilted-Beam Fabry-Perot Antenna

Low-Profile Ultra-Wideband Reconfigurable Tightly-Coupled Arrays

LTE Carrier Aggregation MIMO OTA Tests Using a Reverberation Chamber

Lumped Equivalent Circuit Formulation of Dual Band PIFA

Mtop 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Z

Macro-basis Functions for Electromagnetic Modelling of Penetrable and Impenetrable Bodies

Magnetic Nanoparticles Enhanced Breast Cancer Microwave Imaging Via Compressive Sensing

Magnetic Near-Field Imaging with a Racemic Array of Helical-Shaped Metallic Wires

Making Better Antenna Design Choices with Antenna Magus

MARLENE: MediterraneAn RFC and Sea cLutter ENvironmental Experiment

Material Characterization De-embedding for Rectangular to Square Waveguide

Maximum-Likelihood Based Estimation of Angular Parameters of Dense-Multipath-Components

Measured Doppler Power Profiles for Air to Ground Radio Links

Measurement and Simulation of Reflector Antenna

Measurement of Electrical Properties of Biological Tissue At Radio Frequencies Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Measurement of Instantaneous Frequency Scaling for Q/V-Band

Measurement Process of Vertically Polarized Electromagnetic Surface-Waves Over a Calm Sea in the HF Band Over a Spherical Earth

Measurement-based Stochastic Models for Channel Transition in Underground Subway Environments

Measurements and Modeling for Indoor Environments Analysis At 10 GHz for 5G

Measurements as Enhancement of Numerical Simulation for Challenging Antennas

Measurements for Body-to-Body UWB WBAN Radio Channels

Measurements of a MIMO Train-To-Wayside Communication System on Tunnels

Measurements of Horizontal Variations of Radio Refractivity – First Results

Measuring User-Induced-Randomness to Evaluate Smart Phone Performance in Real Environments

MEMS Tunable Antennas to Address LTE 600 MHz-bands

MEMS-based tunable true-time delay and composite right/left handed transmission lines

Mesh Assembly Framework for Hybrid 3D FEM/FEBI/MoM Electromagnetic Simulations

Metamaterial-Based Wideband Shorting-Wall Loaded Mushroom Array Antenna

Metaspiral Antenna System with Dielectric Slabs

Method of Moments Analysis of Modulated Metasurface Antennas

MetOp-SG SCA Antenna Breadboard Definition, Manufacturing and Testing

Microfluidically Reconfigured Frequency Tunable Dipole Antenna

Microwave and THz Components Printed Using Additive Manufacturing Technique

Microwave Breast Imaging Based on an Optimized Two-step Iterative Shrinkage/Thresholding Method

Microwave Glucose Monitoring in Aqueous- And Blood-Glucose Solutions: In Vitro Feasibility Study

Microwave Horn Antenna Made of a Graphene-Containing Carbon Composite Material

Microwave Imaging and Material Characterization Using Resonantly Loaded Apertures

Microwave Interconnects Between Textile and Rigid Substrates Using Permanent Magnets

Millimeter Wave Channel Measurements and Modeling for Indoor Femtocell Applications

Millimeter-Wave Antennas for Radio Access and Backhaul in 5G Heterogeneous Mobile Networks

Millimeter-wave Beam-Scanning Antennas Using Liquid Crystals

Millimetre-wave Scanning Radar for the Detection and Remote Reading of Passive Electromagnetic Sensors

MIMO Antenna Concept Based on Characteristic Modes for Indoor Base Stations

MIMO Dielectric Resonator Antenna for LTE Femtocell Access Point Applications

MIMO Dual Polarized Fixed Satellite Systems Above 10GHz Above: Channel Modeling and Outage Capacity Evaluation

Miniaturization Effects on Implantable Antennas for Biomedical Applications

Miniaturization of Microwave Components and Antennas Using 3D Manufacturing

Miniaturized DRA Array for GNSS Applications

Miniaturized UWB Implantable Antenna for Brain-Machine-Interface

Minimization of Metasurface Susceptibility Range by Optimizing the Longitudinal Phase and Polarization Angle

Mitigating Severe Channel Effects Using Tripolar Antenna Diversity

Mixed Path Loss Model for Urban Environments

MLFMA for Large-Scale Nanoplasmonics Modeling

Mobile and Nomadic Measurements of the LMS Propagation Channel At Ku and Ka Bands

Mobile Networks Optimization Using Open-Source GRASS-RaPlaT Tool and Evolutionary Algorithm

Mobility Improves Performance of RFID Library Systems

Modal Analysis in Understanding the Optical Response of a Nanoantenna

Modal Analysis of Non-Separable Outer-Boundary Cavities Via Spherical Vector Wave Functions

Modal Analysis of Planar Structures Loaded with Wire-Medium Slabs Using a Transmission-Line Approach

Modeling an Extremely Thin Material Sheet Using the Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method

Modeling and Design of Parallel-Fed Continuous Transverse Stub (CTS) Arrays

Modeling and Prediction of Tropospheric Radiopropagation Parameters From Ground-based Multi-channel Radiometric Measurements Between Ka and W Band

Modeling Impact of Moving Scatterers on Doppler Spectrum in Vehicle-to-Vehicle Channels

Modeling, Simulation, and Velocity Estimation of Shallow Water Acoustic Vehicle-to-Vehicle Channels

Modelling the mmWave Channel Based on Intelligent Ray Launching Model

Modified Minkowski Fractal Patch Antenna for Multiband GPS Receiver

Monitoring Breast Cancer Treatment Progress with Microwave Tomography and Radar-based Tissue-regions Estimation

Monolithically-Integrated Antenna-Coupled Field-Effect Transistors for Detection Above 2 THz

Multi-beam Luneburg Lens Antenna for Cellular Communications

Multi-Feed NVIS Realization on Small Aircraft Using Characteristic Modes

Multiband Frequency Selective Surface with Open Matryoshka Elements

Multilevel Fast Multipole Algorithm with Multiple Octrees for the Solution of Large-Scale Plasmonic Problems with Junctions

Multiple Eigencurrents Expansion for the Solution of Wave Scattering From Anisotropic Bodies

Multiple Signal Classification (MUSIC) Method Approach to the Intensity-Only Inverse Reconstruction Based on the Microscopy System

Multistatic Fourier-based Technique for Radar Systems

Multistatic Nearfield Imaging Radar for Portal Security Systems Using a High Gain Toroidal Reflector Antenna

Multistatic Nearfield Imaging Radar for Portal Security Systems Using a High Gain Toroidal Reflector Antenna

Mutual Coupling Analysis of Large Irregular Arrays: From Multipole to Interpolatory Methods

Mutual Coupling Control in a Multiple Antenna System Using Ferrimagnetic Substrate

Mutual Coupling Reduction Between Neighboring Strip Dipole Antennas Using Confocal

Mutual-coupling Reduction of Four-element Cavity-backed Slot Antenna System Using Mushroom Walls

Ntop 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Z

Near Field to Far Field Transformation Applied to HF Antennas

Near-Field Focusing Transmitarray Lens

New Compact Broadband GSM/UMTS/LTE Antenna Realised by 3D Printing

New Compact Design for Short Range Wireless Power Transmission At 1GHz Using H-Slot Resonators

New Fast and Robust Modelling Algorithms for Electrically Large Antennas and Platforms

New Heterogeneous Superstrate High Gain Antenna

Noise Measurements of a Non-Foster Circuit for Matching of a Receiver Antenna

Noise Performance of a Phased-Array Feed Composed of Thick Vivaldi Elements with Embedded Low-Noise Amplifiers

Non-Ideal Quiet Zone Effects on Compact Range Measurements

Non-Invasive Microwave Lung Water Monitoring: Feasibility Study

Non-uniform Printed Antenna Array for Wireless Communications in Sports Arenas

Nonlinear Optical Gap Antenna, an Optoelectronic Interface At the Nanoscale

Nonlinear, Active, and Anisotropic Impedance Surfaces

Novel 3D Printed Synthetic Dielectric Materials for Antenna Applications

Novel Horn-Like Antenna Based on Skewed Transmission Line Lattices

Novel Source-to-Source Compiler Approach for the Automatic Parallelization of Codes Based on the Method of Moments

Numerical Analysis of a Grid Array Antenna Radiating a Linearly Polarized Dual-Beam

Numerical Analysis of Avionic Grounding Structures with Surface PEEC Formulation

Numerical Analysis of Reconfigurable Plasma Antenna Arrays

Numerical Heterogeneous Breast Phantoms with Different Resolutions

Numerical Homogenization and Synthesis of Wave Polarizers Through the Material-by-Design Paradigm

Numerical Solution of Diffraction Problems Using Large Matrix Compression

Otop 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Z

On an Indirect Boundary Element Method for the Anisotropic EEG Forward Problem

On BER Evaluation of a Regional Anti-Jamming Subcarrier Strategy for MIMO-OFDMA Systems

On BER Evaluation of a Regional Anti-Jamming Subcarrier Strategy for MIMO-OFDMA Systems

On Electromagnetic Radiation in Nonlocal Environments—Steps Toward a Theory of Near Field Engineering

On Multilink Shadowing Effects in Measured V2V Channels on Highway

On Path Loss Measurement and Modeling for Millimeter-wave 5G

On Pattern Reconfigurable Antennas Steered by Modulation Scheme

On S-Parameter Based Complex Correlation of Multi-Port Antenna

On the Antenna Array Gain in Geometrical Ray Based Stochastic Channel Models

On the Applicability of Pathloss Model to Predict RF Human Exposure

On the Constrains to Isolation Improvement in Multi-Antenna Systems

On the Design of Exposure Systems for Medical Applications of Microwaves

On the Design of Generic Matching Networks in Reflective-Type Phase Shifters for Antennas

On the Effect of Vertical Spatial Diversity on V2V Communication for Three Different Platooning Scenarios

On the Extending Bandwidth of Electrically Small Antenna Using Negative Impedance Converter

On the Geometry, Impedance Matching and Quality Factor of Implantable Planar Dipole Antennas

On the Number of Required Probes for Anechoic Chamber Based Method for MIMO OTA Testing

On the Performance of Spatial Multiplexing in MIMO-WCDMA Networks with Principal Component Analysis At the Reception

On the Phase Response and Radiation Efficiency of the Complementary Strip-Slot as an Array Element

On the Simultaneous Mutual-Coupling Compensation for All the Space Directions

On the Stored and Radiated Energy Density

On the Use of Beam-Forming Matrices for Building Overlapped Subarrays with Flat-Topped Radiation Patterns

On the Use of Contour-FFT for the MBF-based Analysis of Arrays of Antennas Placed Vertically Above a Multi-layered Substrate

On the Use of Microwave Based Thermal Monitoring in Hyperthermia

On-chip and In-package Antennas for mm-Wave CMOS Circuits

On-Chip Antenna Arrays for Multi-Chip RF Data Transmission

On-Chip Antenna Integration for Single-Chip Millimeter-Wave FMCW Radars

On-Chip Double Slot Antenna At 300 GHz Enhanced by Artificial Dielectrics

On-Chip Double Slot Antenna At 300 GHz Enhanced by Artificial Dielectrics

On-the-Move Millimeter Wave Imaging System Using Multiple Transmitters and Receivers

One Year of 20 GHz Satellite Measurement Data From a Nordic Maritime Environment

Optically Controlled Reconfigurable Antenna Array Based on a Slotted Circular Waveguide

Optically Reconfigurable Metacheckerboard

Optimal Aperture Distribution for Maximum Power Transfer in Planar Lossy Multilayered Matters

Optimal Array Signaling for Key Establishment in Static Multipath Channels

Optimal Placement of PCB-integrated Diversity Elements in a Compact Tunable Handset Antenna

Optimization of Chest Wall Hyperthermia Treatment Using a Virtual Human Chest Model

Optimization of Frequency Tunable Matching Circuits

Optimized Diagnosis of Reflectors Misalignements in Radioastronomical Applications

Optimized Near Field Antenna Measurements in the Cylindrical Geometry

Optimizing Small Wideband Antenna Performance for Both RIMP and Random-LOS

Optimum Design of a Miniaturized Onchip Wide Band Power Divider-Combiner Combined with Impedance Transformer

Overview of Radiofrequency Simulation for Automotive Antennas At Renault

Overview of Recent Advances in the Electromagnetic Field Solver FEKO

Ptop 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Z

P-Band Antenna Array for Airborne SAR Application and DBF SAR Demonstration

Parallel Plate Mode Suppressed Strip-Line Fed Antenna for CP Phased Array Antenna

Parallel-Plate-Waveguide Luneburg Lens Through a Holey Plate Metasurface

Parametric Optimization of Inkjet Printing and Optical Sintering of Nanoparticle Inks

Passive Imaging Strategies for Real-time Wireless Localization of Non-cooperative Targets in Security Applications

Passive Intermodulation in Distributed Circuits with Cascaded Discrete Nonlinearities

Passive RFID Couplets as Wireless Interface for Sensor Applications

Path Loss Characteristics At 800 MHz to 37 GHz in Urban Street Microcell Environment

Path Loss Model and Root Mean Square Delay Spread Characterization of Near-Ground Outdoor UWB Channel

Pattern Reconfigurable Wideband Circularly-Polarized Quadrifilar Helix with Broadside and Backfire Radiation Patterns

Pattern Testing of Low-Cost Antennas for LEO and MEO Satellites At MDA

Performance Evaluation of a 120 GHz 3D-Printed Plastic Elliptical Lens Antenna-System

Performance Evaluation of MIMO Satellite Multiple-Relay Multi-User Fading Channels

Performance of a Novel Miniature Antenna Implanted Into the Human Trunk for Medical Telemetry Applications

Performance of Embroidered Conductive Yarn in Textile Antennas and Microstrip Lines

Performance of Receiver Spatial Diversity in Peer to Peer Radio Communications Within Vegetation Media

Performance of Secret Key Generation in Non Stationary Channels

Performance of Site-Diversity Satellite Communication Systems in Equatorial Malaysia Investigated Through Weather Radar Data

Performance of STBC-OFDM-IDMA System Incorporating a New GRP-based Interleaver Over Frequency Selective Channel

Performance on the Human Body of a Dual-Band Textile Antenna Loaded with Metamaterials

Periodic and Periodic Phase-Reversal Leaky Wave Antennas in Reduced Permittivity Substrate Integrated Waveguide

Phase Fluctuations of GPS Signals Associated with Aurora

Phase Noise Effects on the Precision of Wideband Mobile Radio Channel Sounding Methods

Phase Retrieval Procedure for Microwave Linear Arrays

Phyllotactic Arrangements of Reflector Mesh Facets to Decrease Grating Lobes

Physical Optics Analysis of the Radiation Pattern of an Antenna Mounted on an Aircraft

Physical-information Exploitation in Inverse Scattering Approaches for GPR Survey

Physical-Optics Analysis and Design of a Beam-Forming Network Coupled to an Imaging-System Configuration for Ka-Band Satellite Applications

Physics-based Parametric Interpolation

Planar MIMO Antenna System with Polarization Diversity for 2.5-2.7 GHz LTE Indoor FemtoCells

Planar Multiband MIMO Antenna System Operating in GSM 1800, LTE2300, LTE2500, WLAN and WiMAX Bands

Planar Spiral Antenna for Brain Stroke Detection

Plasma Metamaterials, and Their Reconfigurable and Nonlinear Properties

Plasma Microdischarge as Power-Induced Limiter Element in Microstrip Devices

Plasmonic Transmission Lines Mode Solver Based on the Method of Moments

Polarimetric Analysis of Mm-Wave Propagation for Advanced Beamforming Applications

Polarimetric Characteristics of Specular and Dense Multipath Components in an Industrial Hall

Polarimetric Target Discrimination for Ultrawideband Radar Imaging

Polarisation Characteristics of Propagation Paths in Indoor 70 GHz Channels

Polarisation-Angle-Delay Estimation for Blind Localisation Approaches Under Multipath Propagation

Polarization Performance of Log-Periodic Antennas on Top of Different Types of Ground Plane; the SKA-low Instrument Case

Potentialities of Dual-Polarized Interrogation for Spectral Domain Chipless Tags

Power Amplifier Based Integrated and Miniaturized Active Antenna

Power Computations in VIE Formulations

Power Delay Profile Analysis and Modeling of Industrial Indoor Channels

Precipitation Modelling for Performance Evaluation of Ad-Hoc Microwave 5G Mesh Networks

Predicting Cloud Attenuation on Earth-Space EHF Links

Prediction by Simulation of Performances of RFID Systems in Aeronautic Environments

Preliminary Statistics From the NASA Alphasat Beacon Receiver in Milan, Italy

Principle of Bifocal Antennas Implemented in a Dual Reflectarray Configuration

Printable Depolarizing Chipless RFID Tag Based on DGS Resonators for Suppressing the Clutter Effects

Printable Depolarizing Chipless RFID Tag Based on DGS Resonators for Suppressing the Clutter Effects

Probe Configuration Study for the Metamaterial Aperture Imager

Progress on DDM and FETI-2LM Methods for AESA Architectures and Metamaterial Analysis

Propagation Channel At 5.2 GHz in Baltic Sea with Focus on Scattering Phenomena

Propagation Channel At 5.2 GHz in Baltic Sea with Focus on Scattering Phenomena

Propagation Experiments At 20 GHz in Southern Europe to Test High Order Propagation Models

Propagation Model Based on Building Penetration Loss Measurement for TVWS System

Pros and cons of patterning graphene layers

Prototype 32 Elements Beam Forming Network for 21-GHz Band Broadcasting Satellite

Pseudo Localization Principle for RFID-Based Smart Blood Stock System

Qtop 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Z

Quad-Polarized Wideband Phased Array with Reduced Sidelobes by Interstitial-Packing

Quantifying the Impact of Seam Compression on Embroidered Textile Substrate-Integrated Structures

Quasi-Optical Phase Retrieval of Radiation Patterns of Non-Standard Horn Antennas At Millimetre and Submillimetre Wavelengths

Quasi-Optical System for a Real Time Stand-Off Submillimeter-Wave Dual-Mode Imager

Quiet Zone Characterization of a Built-It-Yourself Antenna Test Chamber

Quiet Zone Extension of an Existing Compensated Compact Range 75/60

Rtop 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Z

Radar Target Discrimination with Extinction Pulses Using Exponential Β-Splines

Radiation of a Source on a Convex NURBS Surface

Radiation Pattern Adjustment of A Double Notched Antenna by Using Characteristic Modes Analysis

Radiation Pattern Synthesis for Monopulse Radar Applications Using a Reconfigurable Transmitarray in X-Band

Radio Channel Characterization At 2.4 GHz in Nuclear Plant Environment

Radio Frequency Measurements and Capacity Analysis for Industrial Indoor Environments

Radio Link Characterization of the CorteXlab Testbed with a Large Number of Software Defined Radio Nodes

Radio-Channel Characterization of an Over-Sea Communication

Radio-Wave Propagation Predictions in a Three-Layered Medium for VHF/UHF Based on Dyadic Green's Function

Radon Transform: a Different Perspective on Planar Array Synthesis

Rain Attenuation Estimations At High Latitudes Based on Weather Radar Data

Rain Attenuation Time Series Synthesizer Based on Copula Functions

Rain XPD of Alphasat TDP5 Propagation Signals: Preliminary Analyses and Disdrometer Derivations

Ray Tracing Simulations of Indoor Channel Spatial Correlation for Physical Layer Security

Reactively Matched Long Slot Linear Connected Array Antenna

Reactively Matched Long Slot Linear Connected Array Antenna

Real-Time Channel Model Selection Using Windowed Received Signal Strength Measurements

Realistic Performance Measurement for Body-Centric Spatial Modulation Links

Realistic Simulation Scenario for Hybrid LTE/IEEE 802.11p Vehicular Communication

Realization and MIMO-link Measurements of a Transmit Module for Spatial Modulation

Realization and Test of a Versatile and Low-Cost Printed Configuration of UWB Dual-Pol Antenna

Recent Developments in Using Measured Sources in Computational EMC

Reconfigurable Antenna for Extension of LTE Operational Mode Over TV White Spaces

Reconfigurable antennas and arrays for cognitive radio: polarization and frequency agility and beamforming

Reconfigurable Beams From Millimetre-Wave Leaky-Wave Antennas

Reconfigurable High-Impedance Metasurfaces with Interwoven Conductor Unit Cell Layouts

Reconfigurable Leaky Wave Antenna Using a Gradient Index Plasma

Reconfigurable LTE MIMO Automotive Antenna System Based on the Characteristic Mode Analysis

Reconfigurable Patch Antenna for Wireless Applications

Reconfigurable PIFA Antenna Using RF MEMS Switches

Reconfigurable Reflectarrays: Design, Analysis and Fabrication

Reconfigurable Square Patch Antenna Using Capacitive Loading and Varactor Diode

Reconfigurable THz Metamaterial Antenna Based on Graphene

Recovery-Based a Posteriori Error Estimation for the Charge in the Method of Moments

Rectangular to Large Diameter Conical Corrugated Waveguide Converter Based on Stacked Rings

Rectenna Demonstrators At Holst Centre / Imec and Eindhoven University of Technology

Reducing and Controlling the Beamwidth of Electrically Small Antenna Arrays

Reduction of Cross-Polarization in a Single Offset Parabolic Reflector

Reflection Coefficient Method for Characterizing Antennas on Probe Stations

Required Number of Propagation Scenarios for Acceptable Reproduction of Spectral Efficiency Distribution in (heterogeneous) Network Simulations

Resonance Frequency Calculation of Spherical Microstrip Structure Using Hybrid Technique

Resonance Microwave Reflectometry for Early Stage Skin Cancer Identification

Results From Three Years of Ka-band Propagation Characterization At Svalbard, Norway

Review of Millimeter-wave Propagation Characterization and Modelling Towards 5G Systems

RF and EMC Investigation on CRIP System for the E-Healthcare CareStore Platform

RF Exposure Assessment of Children's Organs Using Surrogate Model Built with Electromagnetic Solvers and Statistics

RF MEMS Based Millimeter Wave Phased Array for Short Range Communication

RF Sensor Based on Gap Waveguide Technology in LTCC for Liquid Sensing

Rigorous Analysis of Deformed Nanowires Using the Multilevel Fast Multipole Algorithm

Rigorous Eigenmode Analysis of Conducting Sphere

Rigorous Full-wave Analysis of Mode Coupling in Coaxial Waveguide Bends

Rigorous Losses Evaluation in the Numerical Analysis of SIW Structures

RLSA Bessel Beam Launchers Using Hankel Waves

Robust, Efficient Evaluation of EM Green's Tensors in Generally Anisotropic, Planar-Stratified Media Via Complex-Plane Gauss-Laguerre Quadrature

Role of Symmetries in Periodic Leaky-Wave Antennas, with Emphasis on the Double-Asymmetry Case

Rotational Design Space Reduction for Cost-Efficient Multi-Objective Antenna Optimization

Rotman Lens with Ridge-Gap Waveguide, Implemented in LTCC Technology, for 60 GHz Applications

Stop 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Z

Scalar Metasurface Antennas with Tilted Beam

Scalar Metasurface Antennas with Tilted Beam

Scattering From Single Isolated Tree Based on Physical Optics: Preliminary Model

Scenario-based WBAN Channel Characterization in Various Indoor Premises

Seebeck Nanoantennas for Infrared Detection and Energy Harvesting Applications

Self-Aligned Microstrip-fed Spherical Dielectric Resonator Antenna

SEMCAD X Matterhorn: A Novel Approach to Achieve Realism in Highly Complex Environments

Sensitivity of a Wearable Printed Antenna with a Full Ground Plane in Close Proximity to Human Arm

Sensitivity of Tropospheric Scintillation Models to the Accuracy of Radiosonde Data

Sequence Detection of Movement for Accurate Area Based Indoor Positioning and Tracking

Shaped Beam Synthesis of Arrays of Real Antennas Via Phase Retrieval and Convex Programming

Shaped Pattern Synthesis for Equispaced Linear Arrays with Non-Isotropic Antennas

Signal Integrity in Pulse-train Excited Array Antennas in Time and Space - A Full TD Analysis

Signal Reception Characteristics in the Proximity of Alice and Bob for Secure Indoor Peer-to-Peer Communications At 2.45 GHz

Signal Reliability Improvement Using Selection Combining Based Macro-Diversity for Off-Body Communications At 868 MHz

Simple Approximation of Power Azimuth Spectrum for Multipath Propagation Environment

Simple Front-End Concept for the Complex Challenges of Multi-Band Communications

Simplified Human Phantoms for Wireless Body Area Network Modelling

Simulation of Microwave Transmission Measurements of the Human Heart

Simulation-Driven Size Reduction of Antenna Structures Using Adjoint Sensitivities and Trust Regions

Simultaneous Measurements of the Channel Response for Multiple Eavesdroppers Operating in the Vicinity of a Body Area Network At 2.45 GHz

Simultaneous Millimeter-Wave Multi-Band Channel Sounding in an Urban Access Scenario

Simultaneous Radiation of Narrow and Wide Beams Exploiting Two Concentric Isophoric Sparse Arrays

Simultaneous Sensing-Transmission in Cognitive Radio Networks Under Spatiotemporally Collaborative Techniques

Simultaneous Two-port Injection Matched Antenna

Single Layer Quad-Band Dual-Polarized Unit Cell for Reflectarray Antennas in Ku Band

Single-Layer Differentially-Fed Circularly Polarized Aperture Antenna for 60 GHz Applications

Single-Transceiver Compressive Antenna for High-Capacity Sensing and Imaging Applications

SIW Pillbox Antenna Integrating Monopulse Phase Comparison Technique

Slant Path Attenuation At 72.5 and 82.5 GHz

Slotted Patch Antenna with Broadband Circular Polarization

Small UHF RFID Tag Antenna for Metallic Objects

SMAP Telecom and Science Antenna Multipath Interference

SMAP: Performance Verification and Testing of a Challenging Instrument Antenna

Smart Notch Detection Techniques for Robust Frequency Coded Chipless RFID Systems

Smart Notch Detection Techniques for Robust Frequency Coded Chipless RFID Systems

Smooth Plate Luneburg Lens with Superstrate

Solid State Vs. Micro-Relay Switches Employed in a Circular Switched Parasitic Array Antenna

Solution of Volume Integral Equations with Novel Treatment to Strongly Singular Integrals

Source Reconstruction Technique for Planar Arrays of Wide Slots

Space Qualification of K/Ka-Band Single Feed Per Beam Feed Chains

Space Radiation Hardness of PTFE Based RF Substrates for GEO Satellite Application

Sparse Electromagnetic Imaging Using Nonlinear Iterative Shrinkage Thresholding

Sparse MIMO Arrays for Short-Range Imaging

Spatial Characterization of Coherence Bandwidth for 72 GHz mm-Wave Indoor Propagation Channel

Spatial Correlation of Vertical Gradient of Refractivity on Large Scales

Spatial Multiplexing of 4×4 UCA LoS MIMO Systems with Splitting Matrix At RF Band

Spatiotemporal Slabs in Order to Improve Performance in 2D FDTD

Spectral Domain Analysis of Double Sided Open Periodic Structures

Spectral Filtering in Phase Delay Beamforming for Multistatic UWB Breast Cancer Imaging

Spherical Model for Efficient Parametric Analysis of Implanted Antennas in WBAN Applications

Square-shape Fully Printed Chipless RFID Tag and Its Applications in Evacuation Procedures

Stability and Accuracy Analysis of Several FDTD Schemes for Modeling Tellegen Media

State of the Art Antenna Simulation with CST STUDIO SUITE

Statistical Analysis of Average and Maximum Crosstalks in Cable Bundles

Statistical Approach of Ambient Electromagnetic Field Assessment with Body-Worn Multi-Axial Sensors

Statistical Channel Model for Wireless Sensor Networks Deployment in Suburban Environment

Statistical Modeling of a Shielded Wireless Charging Device

Statistical Modeling of Antennas Via a Generalized Stochastic-FDTD Method

Statistical Modeling of THz Scatter Channels

Statistical Results From Radio Signal Strength Measurement Campaign Over Two Over-Sea Paths in Channel Islands, UK

Statistical Significance of Specific Rain Attenuation Dependence on Geographic and Climatic Conditions

Stealthy Buildings for Radio Navigation Applications

Stored Energy of Coupled Electric and Magnetic Currents and the Lower Bound on Q

Stored Grain Spoilage Monitoring Via 3D Microwave Imaging

Stretchable and Flexible E-Fiber Antennas with High Geometrical Accuracy

Study of Annular Ring Patch Antennas on Anisotropic Substrates by WCIP Method

Study of Daily Tissue Changes Through Breast Monitoring with Time-Domain Microwave Radar

Study of Dipole Antennas' Characteristic Modes Through the Antenna Current Green's Function and the Singularity Expansion Method

Study of Grating Efficiency of Planar Arrays

Study of Mutual Coupling for Patch Antennas with Single-Layer Capacitive Feed and Its Application to Fabry-Pérot Arrays

Study of Propagation Mechanisms and Identification of Scattering Objects in Indoor Multipath Channels At 11 GHz

Study of the Influence of Mechanical Errors in Diagnostics Applications by Means of Statistical Analysis

Substrate Integrated Waveguide Cavity Backed Slot Antenna with Parasitic Slots for Dual-frequency and Broadband Application

Super-resolution Microwave Imaging: Time-domain Tomography Using Highly Accurate Evolutionary Optimization Method

Suppressed Back-Lobe SIW-Fed MPA Array for 60 GHz Wireless Communication

Suspended-strip Gap Waveguide Coupled-Line Properties for Ka-band Component Design

Switched Non-uniformly Distributed-Turns Coil Antenna for Dual-band Operation

Synthesis of a Wide Band Circularly Polarized Directive Parasitic Elements Antenna

Synthesis of Timed Antenna Arrays for Arbitrary Shaped-Beam Energy Patterns

Synthesis Procedure for Thinned Leaky-Wave Phased Array Antennas

Ttop 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Z

Techniques for Reducing the SAR in Mobile Devices by Using Graphene-Type Absorbing Materials

Terahertz Emission From Photoconductive Antenna Fabricated on GaAs/Sapphire Substrate

Terahertz Frequency Scanning Reflectarray/Mirror

Testing of LTE Devices in Transmit Diversity Enabled System Using Reverberation Chamber

The Aldo Paraboni Scientific Experiment: Ka/Q Band Receiver Station in Hungary

The Analysis of Influence of Textile Antenna Location on Its Performance

The Antenna Toolbox for Matlab (AToM)

The Beauty of Multibeam Antennas

The Compact X-band AIA for MPT with a GaAs MMIC on a Multi-Layer Substrate

The contribution of Julien Perruisseau-Carrier to reconfigurable reflectarray antennas

The Decomposition Method: Accelerated OTA Test of MIMO Devices

The Design and Analysis of Pyramidal Microstrip Antenna for GPS Application

The Effects of Antenna Array Size and Back Lobe Level on Self-Interference and Transmitted Powers for 4G Beamforming Multicell Systems with In-Band Full Duplex Relays

The Effects of Antenna Array Size and Back Lobe Level on Self-Interference and Transmitted Powers for 4G Beamforming Multicell Systems with In-Band Full Duplex Relays

The Finite Difference Frequency Domain Method for the Eigenanalysis of Open Periodic Structures

The Impact of Thermally Insulating Products on Building Penetration Loss Between 100 MHz and 6 GHz

The Importance of Source Polarization in Transverse Electric Time Reversal Focusing

The Ka- And Q-band AlphaSat Ground Station in Vigo

The Orbital Angular Momentum (OAM) Multiplexing Controversy: OAM as a Subset of MIMO

The Performance of Conducting Elastomer Antennas for Body Worn Applications

The Poynting Vector Behavior During the Resonance Scattering of an Obliquely Incident Plane Electromagnetic Wave by a Gyrotropic Cylinder

The SIE-MoM Analysis of Dielectric Bodies Embedded in a Shielded Stratified Medium

The Simple Truth About Effects of Mutual Coupling in MIMO Arrays for Single and Multiple Bit Streams in Rich Isotropic Multipath

The Tamm State Analogue Tuning in the Chainlike Structure Loaded with Varactor Diode

The Virtual Experiments: An Emerging Framework for the Effective Solution of Inverse Scattering Problems

The Wireless Big Bang

The XPU Technology for Fast and Efficient FDTD Simulations Using Modern CPUs Cache Memory Bandwidth

Theoretical Limits of Graphene Terahertz Non-Reciprocal Devices

Theoretical Model Based on Spectral Green's Function Representation for Photoconductive Slot Antennas

Theoretical Study on Detection Distance for Chipless RFID Systems According to Transmit Power Regulation Standards

Thin Diffraction Grating Technology

Three Dimensional Microfabricated Broadband Patch and Multifunction Reconfigurable Antennae for 60 GHz Applications

Three-Site Ka-Band Diversity Experiment Performed in Slovenia and Austria

Time-coded Chipless Sensors to Detect Quality of Materials in Civil Engineering

Time-domain Algorithm for FMCW Based Short Distance Ranging System

Time-Variant Scattering Properties of Wind Turbines

Towards Integrated Measurements of Dielectric Tissue Properties At Microwave Frequencies

Towards Reflection-less or Total Reflection Magnet-less Nonreciprocal Metasurface

Tracking More Targets with Less Antenna: An Investigation Into the Co-array Concept

Trans-Ionospheric Propagation Experiment At HF-band: Channel Measurement and Modelling

Transformation Optics SW-Based Devices

Transistor Noise Characterization for an SKA Low- Noise Amplifier

Transparent Circuit Analog Electromagnetic Absorber for Window Applications

Transparent Microwave Crossover for Transparent Butler Matrix Using Micro-metal Mesh Conductive Film

True-Time-Delay Reflectarray and Transmitarrays Based on Miniaturized Element Frequency Selective Surfaces

Tunable Inkjet-Printed Slotted Waveguide Antenna on a Ferrite Substrate

Tunable MIMO Antenna for Small Handsets

Tunable mm-Wave Artificial Impedance Surfaces Using Piezoelectric Bender Actuators

Two Multiband Uniplanar Antennas for Microwave Breast Imaging

Two Multiple-Antenna-Port and Multiple-User-Port Antenna Tuners

Two- And Three- Dimensional Near Field Beam Steering Loop Arrays

Two-Dimensional Antenna Beamsteering Using Metamaterial Transmitarray

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UE Antenna Properties and Their Influence on Massive MIMO System Performance

UHF Antenna Design for the Estimation of Fiber Density of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete

UHF W-BAN Antennas Operating in Indoor and Outdoor Environment

Ultrawideband Inverse Scattering Method for Resonance Region Target Recognition: Application to Small-Scale Airplane Targets with Measured Data

Unveiling the Potential of Antenna Tuners

Use of Microwave Profiler and Ka/Q-band Ground Propagation Terminal for Alphasat ALDO TDP5 Propagation Experiment – First Year of Operation

Use of S-parameter Enclosed in Kron's Method for Electromagnetic Compatibility Computation

Use of the Characteristic Modes Theory for the Design of an Antenna in a Harsh Environment From a Generic Antenna Topology

User Body Loss Study for Popular Smartphones

Using Tuned Diffuse Scattering Parameters in Ray Tracing Channel Modeling

Utilizing Gain Interpolation for the Removal of Near-field Coupling Effects During EMC Antenna Calibrations

UWB Antenna Array for Level and Permittivity Measurement with Calibrated Layer Stripping

UWB Body-Implantable Antenna for Short Range Communication

Vtop 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Z

V-Band Groove Gap Waveguide Diplexer

V-band Side-fed Printed Quasi-Parabolic Reflector Antenna with Beam-Steering

V2V Channel Characteristics and Models for 5 GHz Parking Garage Channels

Variable Matching Circuit Using SP6T MEMS Switches Dedicated to LTE Multiband Antenna

Vectorial Channel Sounding of MISO Propagation Channels Without Synchronization

Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication: End-to-End Performance Evaluation in Dense Propagation Environments

Vehicular Traffic Intersecting Body-to-Body Communications Channels At 2.45 GHz

Verification & Validation Benchmarks for Assessing and Demonstrating the Credibility of Computational Medical Device Evaluation

Versatile Measurement System for Imaging Setups Prototyping

Vertically Polarized Electromagnetic Surface Waves Over a Smooth Sea in HF Band. Measurements and Comparisons with Theoretical Models

Vertically Polarized Omnidirectional Printed Slot Loop Antenna

Volume Integral Equation Formulation for Medical Applications

Volumetric Testing for the Nonconforming Discretization of Integral Equations in Scattering Problems

Wtop 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Z

Wall Clutter Mitigation Using a Modified Subspace Projection Method for Non-Parallel Measurement Through-the-Wall Radar Imaging

Wave Propagation in Periodic Temporal Slabs

Wave-based Sensing and Imaging for Security Applications

WBAN Off-Body Channel Angular Structure Comparison Between SAGE Estimation and Ray Tracing Simulation

Weather Effects Mitigation At Ka Band by Using Radiometeorological Model Forecast in Deep Space Downlinks

Weather Effects Mitigation At Ka Band by Using Radiometeorological Model Forecast in Deep Space Downlinks

Wide Band Electrical Parameter Measurement by Absorber Pasted Ridged Horn Antenna

Wide Band, Low Profile and Circular Polarized K/Ka Band Antenna

Wide-Angle ISAR Imaging of Vehicles

Wide-Band Characterization of Antennae Plus Aircraft Platform Patterns in L- And Ka-Band

Wide-Band Compact Antenna Feed for Multi-Beam Satellite Communications

Wideband and Compact Fabry-Perot Cavity Antenna Using a Dual-Layer Periodic Planar Structure

Wideband Crossover Structure with Double Ring Resonators

Wideband Decoupling and Tunable Matching Networks for Multi-Port Antennas

Wideband Diamond Dipole Antenna with Broadside Radiation Characteristics

Wideband Equivalent Circuit for 1-D Periodic Compound Gratings

Wideband High-Impedance Surface Reflector for Low-profile High-Gain UHF Antenna

Wideband Matching of Handset Antenna Ports At Noncontiguous Frequency Bands

Wideband Monopole Vivaldi Antenna and Its Angular Periodic Performance

Wideband Printed Tapering Quadrifilar Helical Antenna for GNSS

Wideband Spatial Channel Model in an Urban Cellular Environments At 28 GHz

Wideband Wide Beam Metallic Tapered Slot Antenna Design for Phased Array Radar Applications

WIPL-D: Advances in EM Simulation

Wireless Dependable BAN of Things - Reliable Machine Centric Communications for Medicine, Cars, Energy, Smart City

Wireless Indoor Networks Planning Considering QoE Metrics on Multimedia Applications

Wireless Power Transfer Using Self-resonant Spiral Antenna Through Reinforced Plasterboard Wall

Ztop 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Z

Zoned Fishnet Metamaterial Lens with Millimetre-Wave Dual-Band Response