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Convened Sessions

CS1: 2011-2015 early stage research in COST VISTA

Oscar Quevedo-Teruel, Nuno Pires

CS2: 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing Technology of Electromagnetic Structure Linear and nonlinear microwave characterization of CVD grown graphene using co-planar-waveguide (CPW) structure

Hao Xin

CS3: Advanced computational methods and analysis of optical nanoantennas, resonators, and other photonic circuit components

Alexander I. Nosich, Guy A. E. Vandenbosch

CS4: Advances in Commercial Electromagnetic Simulation Tools

Winfried Simon, Marc Rütschlin

CS5: Advances in Plasma-based Antennas and Devices

Davide Melazzi, T. Anderson, V. Lancellotti

CS6: Advances in Space-Fed Antennas for Millimeter-Wave Communications

Laurent Dussopt, Sean V. Hum

CS7: AMTA/EurAAP Diagnostics, Imaging, and Post-Processing in Antenna Measurements

Sergey Pivnenko, Daniel Janse van Rensburg

CS8: Antenna Technologies for Fixed Wireless Access at 60 GHz and Above

Per-Simon Kildal, Jiro Hirokawa

CS9: Antennas and Propagation for Geoscience Applications

Greg Hislop, Ivor L. Morrow

CS10: Antennas and Systems for Wireless Power Transmission in Space Applications

Alessandra Costanzo, Nuno Carvalho, Apostolos Georgiadis

CS11: Applications of Graphene and Novel Materials at Terahertz and Microwaves

Raj Mittra, Yang Hao

CS12: Channel Measurements and Modelling in the Higher Frequency Bands for 5G

Sana Salous, Jie Zhang

CS13: Combined Simulation/Measurement Benchmark For Challenging Antennas

Raphaël Gillard, Manuel Sierra Castañer

CS14: Conformal Antennas

Vakur B. Erturk, Zvonimir Sipus

CS15: Dense Multipath Component (DMC) Characterization for Radio Channel Modeling

Davy P. Gaillot, Joseph Wout

CS16: Deterministic & Stochastic Coupling Analysis for Antennas, Near-Field & EMC Applications

Sébastien Lallechere, Blaise Ravelo

CS17: Domain Decomposition Methods and Macro-basis Functions for Integral Equations

Vito Lancellotti, Rob Maaskant, Raj Mittra

CS18: Dynamic Radio Channel Modelling in Mobile-to-Mobile Heterogeneous Networks

Claude Oestges, Raffaele D’Errico

CS19: Electrically Small Antennas

Thomas Kaufmann, Will Whittow

CS20: Emerging Chipless RFID Technology Trends

Etienne Perret, David Girbau

CS21: Emerging Techniques for Multiband and Wideband Antennas

Hisamatsu Nakano, Toru Kawano

CS22: High North Satellite Propagation

Terje Tjelta, Lars Erling Bråten

CS23: Inkjet Printed Antennas for Flexible, Wearable and Large Area ElectroniCS

Atif Shamim, Manos Tentzeris


Juan Mosig

CS25: Latest Progress in Metamaterial-Based Antenna Design

Zhi Ning Chen, Xianming Qing

CS26: Massive MIMO for 5G Broadband Communication Networks

Vanja Plicanic Samuelsson, Fredrik Tufvesson

CS27: Measurements and Simulations in Channel Modelling in Wireless Body Area Networks

Slawomir J. Ambroziak, Carla Oliveira

CS28: Measurements of Integrated Antennas at mm-Wavelengths

Antti V. Räisänen, Zhi Ning Chen

CS29: Methodologies and Modelling for EMF in Medical Diagnostics and Therapy (MiMed)

Lorenzo Crocco, Yifan Chen

CS30: Microfluidics and Tunable Material Systems for Antenna Reconfiguration and Control

Gregory H. Huff, Ozlem A. Civi

CS31: MIMO OTA Test Trade-offs

David A. Sanchez-Hernandez

CS32: Mm-wave Antenna Systems

Cyril Luxey, Marta Martinez-Vazquez, Romain Pilard

CS33: Mobile Antenna Concepts Leveraging Circuit Design Techniques

Fabien Ferrero, Frédéric Gianesello

CS34: Mode-based Strategy for Antenna Analysis and Design

Qi Wu, Jennifer T. Bernhard

CS35: Modelling Scattering Phenomena in Wireless Links

Uwe-Carsten Fiebig, Fernando Perez-Fontán

CS36: Mutual Coupling Formulation and its Effects in Antenna Systems

Said Mikki, Mohammad S. Sharawi, Yahia Antar

CS37: Non-Uniform and Sparse Antenna Arrays - Innovative Concepts and Technological Solutions

Giacomo Oliveri, Ioan E. Lager

CS38: Propagation Channels for Wide-Sense Vehicle-to-X Communications

Zhangdui Zhong, Bo Ai

CS39: Propagation for Multi-Gigabit Applications

Vittorio Degli-Esposti, Katsuyuki Haneda

CS40: Propagation in the Built Environment

Richard Rudd, Michael Neve, Clare Allen

CS41: Pulsed-field Radio: Theory, Applications, Implementation

Ioan E. Lager, Amir Shlivinski

CS42: Results of Ka and Q Band Propagation Campaigns using Alphasat Aldo Paraboni and other Satellites

Antonio Martellucci, Carlo Riva

CS43: Therapeutic Applications of Electromagnetic Fields (MiMed)

Margarethus M. Paulides, Desmond T.B. Yeo

CS44: THz Antennas and Applications

Yi Huang, Daniel Segovia-Vargas

CS45: Tuning and Miniaturization Techniques for Small Device Antennas operating at LTE bands

Samantha Caporal Del Barrio, Gert F. Pedersen, Art Morris

CS46: Wave-based Sensing and Imaging for Security Applications

Jose Martinez Lorenzo, Carey Rappaport

CS47: Wireless Power Transmission and Energy Harvesting

Alessandra Costanzo, Prof Yi Huang, Prof Huib Visser

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